Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hell Avenue

When it comes to sports, I am all for it. They are basically my life (besides my boyfriend, friends and family). But anyways...I love sports. You might even say, I play too many sports, but its what I do. I play school Field Hockey, Softball, and I used to play Basketball but unfortunately have to stop because it got to be too much. Then I have my travel/club teams Field Hockey and Softball. I also used to play travel Soccer but had to give it up for travel Field Hockey. wow. That's a lot. So you get the point...i like sports.

Anyways....I believe one negative thing has come from playing so many sports...which is my current knee injury. :( It sucks yeah but I'm doing the best I can. I have been working hard to try and get it better...but it still hurts. Other than that negative it has brought many many countless positives to my life. I have met tons of new girls who have become friends of mine, It has kept me in somewhat of a good shape, It actually helped diagnose my Diabetes through a minor injury that did not heal at all and caused concern, It has made me smile, and most of all, It has been fun and still is EXCEPT........

For the whole part of running. lol. Now I can run sprints but if you ask me to run a mile...that will be a challenge..not to say i dont like a challenge cause i do..but i really despise running for sure....AND this week has been the week from hell. My FH team has been training all week with Athletes Advantage preparing us for our season and our REAL preseason. I like working out...but right now i am just plain SORE and i don't like it at all. When you can't walk up or down stairs, sit down, stand up, even walk...that's not good. But luckily tomorrow is the last day and I have two days off before the real HELL breaks loose on Monday.

Until then...I will be going to Cooperstown this weekend with my boyfriend to hang out, relax, and watch him play baseball! I just can't get away from sports...well at least i'm not playing!

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