Saturday, April 28, 2007

I HATE when I'm HIGH

Last night after i got home from my boyfriend, E's house, I kind of knew I would be going low during the night. I thought this because I had been low the past 2 nights and also because we were doing a lot of activity, consisting of basketball, Frisbee, football, and PlayStation 2. lol. So i decided to lower my basal a little bit by going down by 10 percent...I later found out at 2am that 10% wasn't nearly enough to go down by...I woke up to a shaky/extremely tired 68mg/dl. i drank my juicy juice and eat some crackers and fell back asleep without re-checking..oopss. That was OK though, because I woke up the next morning with 129mg/dl! yay i didnt over correct...something that I tend to do..A LOT!
So...that was the morning sugar but today seemed to just get worse and worse as the day went on. except for a very nice 102mg/dl. i was high every other time....(sad face). A couple hours after the nice 102...180mg/dl...awww come on u gotta be kidding..then before dinner..277mg/dl. NO WAY! uhh and i was out to dinner which didn't make things any better considering I was about to estimate everything that was on my plate...gerrr....1.5 hours later...364mg/dl..SHIT..not good..not good at alll. Correction bolus to the rescue..or lack there of. I was a little anxious at this point waiting and waiting for it to come down a little i checked it again about 30 mins later...366mg/dl. ahhhhh is this for real? Wow i really did a horrible estimating job. More correction bolus (as much as my wizard would allow)...

And that sticky 366 brings us to now....i just thought i would write about it considering i was feeling stressed...and not only from it being high but because i am trying to do 2 research projects at the same time.....Ridiculous, i know right?! I need my sugar lower so I can actually consentrate somewhat on that.....

I hope my corrections kick in soon...uhhh I Hate when I'm HIGH...:(

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Excellence All Around! =)

Yesterday we had a softball game (varsity) and it was my chance to shine! This was basically my second start of the season. (Our current record 6-0) The starter is a senior and she was on vacation for spring break and didn't get to practice therefore, our coach started me! I was excited and came ready to play.

I started off in warm ups at 147mg/dl. A perfect start for physical activity. Then I didn't have much time to re check before the game actually started because I was starting, but i did as soon as i had a chance...this was at 4pm, about a half hour into the was 121mg/dl. - not bad, but not as high as i would have liked to continue the I ate a piece of a hard pretzel..which brought me up to 158mg/dl. in 20 minutes. That was the last time i checked in until I came out of the game in the last inning!

This was probably close to one of the best offensive games I have ever had! And I have been playing softball for about 12 years. My first time up to bat, there was a girl on second base...and i got a bunt single! My next time up, there were bases loaded with 2 outs and i got a 3 run Double! yay....THEN my last time up there were girls on 3rd and 2nd...2 outs...pressures on. I cleared my head, looked for a perfect pitch...and BOOM! The ball sailed out in between left and center...almost hitting cars in a parking lot (so i hear)...I GOT A 3 RUN HOME RUN--(stand up)!! haha it was the best feeling in the world!

Although after all this excitement, i think the adrenaline made my sugar go a little too high at 202 mg/dl., when i came out to let some other people play, so i bolused 1/2 of a correction which was 1 unit. That pretty much took care of came down to 164 post game...92 pre dinner...99 at 9:30pm...72 at 10:15...123 post fix...96 pre bedtime...and 122 at 12:40 before actually falling asleep..ALL IN ALL it was an EXCELLENT day for softball and for my sugars (they weren't too bad)!

This was by far the best game ever! and we won 14-1...i was 2-for-2 with a sacrifice bunt single, a 3 run double and a 3 run homer which came out to be 6 RBIs....and...after the game a reporter interviewed me for the first time in my high school career!!! THIS WAS A GREAT DAY!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Last day of school before SPRING BREAK.

Today was a GREAT day. It started out with my internal clock waking me at 5:57am. with a sugar of 65 mg/dl. That was fun! SIKE. Although, I have a bed side mini fridge holding all my juicy juice and a crayon box on top full of crackers, pretzels, and glucose tabs, which is pretty cool and a great idea, if i don't say so myself. So that was a rocky start but it gradually got better and Better and BETTER....!

In 1st period at school my US History teacher was overly nice for some reason and we got to watch the rest of "The Great Gatsby". It was such a good movie and book-ironically i was reading it in English at the same time. Then after we finished the movie, we got to chill and listen to music!

In 2nd period we unfortunately had our "Great Gatsby" essay test, which wasn't that difficult, just annoying. That took up most of the time. Ohh..but as we were writing our essays out of the corner of my eye i saw a huge white spider crawling up a kid's back next to me...i turned to the girl next to me and was like..oh my god there is a huge spider on his back..then the teacher killed it...haha after I got everyone's train of thought messed up!

3rd period was half Directed Study...which i did nothing-so i went to the nurse's office and hung out lol- and then Lunch! Lunch is always fun, except for the gross food. This is a time to hang out and talk to my friends...
4th period Biology. This class was ok. I had another quiz but it was fairly easy...i love science!

As for 5th period- I was really bored because it was i again went to hang with my Nurse Buddies for a little bit! I'm glad I did too because I got to try some really delicious SUGAR FREE jelly belly beans! lol they were really good...

Then Post School...I had softball practice for 2 hours then a madd good Pasta Party..! But now i regret eating those brownies and all that pasta cause my sugar was a little 230..but don't worry..a quick bolus and now its 130 :) i love my pump!

That was my day...and now ITS SPRING BREAK BABY...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April Fools....

So..i realize that April fools day is long gone and happened 3 days ago..but I'm a very busy person and have not had much time at nights, due to long softball games and massive amounts of homework..but that's a different story.

Anyways...On April 1st I had a lot going on: sleep :), watching movies, Field Hockey practice and a Pasta Party for softball!! yummy. I actually thought I had more going on than that but whatever. So i forgot that April 1st actually meant something, to tell you the truth I thought it was still March...obviously not. I found this out when My friend Meg and I arrived at our softball party and two of our team mates were cling wrapping my coaches car and putting Vaseline under the handles HAHA! (good thing our coach is cool and she was a good sport about it!) But yea it was soo funny..and that is when i found out it was actually April already!!! (so excited for SUMMER...and camps!!!)

Meg and I left the party to go to Field Hockey and I came up with an idea to trick my mom! I told her that my sugar was 500 mg/dl.! Knowing that my sugar rarely goes above 250 let alone 500, i knew her face would be priceless..haha. And it was. It was a small trick, but hey, it was the best I could do considering I forgot all about it...:) There is always next year.