Saturday, April 28, 2007

I HATE when I'm HIGH

Last night after i got home from my boyfriend, E's house, I kind of knew I would be going low during the night. I thought this because I had been low the past 2 nights and also because we were doing a lot of activity, consisting of basketball, Frisbee, football, and PlayStation 2. lol. So i decided to lower my basal a little bit by going down by 10 percent...I later found out at 2am that 10% wasn't nearly enough to go down by...I woke up to a shaky/extremely tired 68mg/dl. i drank my juicy juice and eat some crackers and fell back asleep without re-checking..oopss. That was OK though, because I woke up the next morning with 129mg/dl! yay i didnt over correct...something that I tend to do..A LOT!
So...that was the morning sugar but today seemed to just get worse and worse as the day went on. except for a very nice 102mg/dl. i was high every other time....(sad face). A couple hours after the nice 102...180mg/dl...awww come on u gotta be kidding..then before dinner..277mg/dl. NO WAY! uhh and i was out to dinner which didn't make things any better considering I was about to estimate everything that was on my plate...gerrr....1.5 hours later...364mg/dl..SHIT..not good..not good at alll. Correction bolus to the rescue..or lack there of. I was a little anxious at this point waiting and waiting for it to come down a little i checked it again about 30 mins later...366mg/dl. ahhhhh is this for real? Wow i really did a horrible estimating job. More correction bolus (as much as my wizard would allow)...

And that sticky 366 brings us to now....i just thought i would write about it considering i was feeling stressed...and not only from it being high but because i am trying to do 2 research projects at the same time.....Ridiculous, i know right?! I need my sugar lower so I can actually consentrate somewhat on that.....

I hope my corrections kick in soon...uhhh I Hate when I'm HIGH...:(

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