Thursday, August 30, 2007

Field Hockey


haha im practicing for spanish class when school starts up agian. I have approximatley 6 days before the first day of school. I'm dredding going back, but excited to see all my friends!

Field Hockey is still going good. We've had 2 scrimmages so far, both of which we won in overtime! haha Tomorrow marks our first game of the 2007-2008 season! Its a big game so im excited to play. Its at home so we are very confident going into the game because NO ONE COMES IN OUR HOUSE AND BEATS US!

I am also stoked for Sept 4th when we will be taking on another schoool, a non league game, which my friend from Diabetes Camp is on! I can't wait to see her and play against her as well!

Anyways, about today. My sugars kind of SUCKED..but I am trying to fix them and get over it. This morning i was 167, not bad for a sugar to start playing FH..but then after practice..since i didnt have time to check it was 326..and i was like WHAT?? that is kind of annoying. And a couple of hours after it was 250...ughh. so many correction boluses...hopefully the next time i check will be within normal range! cross your fingers :)

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Shannon said...

I didn't realize how much time has gone by.

Anyway, it's a comfort to see that you're checking and fixing and not letting the numbers get away from you.

How have you and your team been doing now that you must've played a bunch of games by now?