Friday, June 29, 2007

Diabetes Camp!!

I am extremely sorry for the BIG break in my writing. I can't remember the last time I posted, or even the last time I had time to post. I have been a very busy girl considering it is now summer time and school is out! So, because I have not written anything in a couple of months, one could imagine that I have a lot to say. If I were to write about one thing that has happened since my last would be about Diabetes Camp!!!!

The Donavon McNabb Diabetes Camp for Kids at Camp Green Lane in PA is one of the best times of all 365 days of the year!!..The feeling of being around others who live with the same disease, never fails to give me a sense of comfort, happiness, and normalcy. Its the 6 days that I get to talk freely about my diabetes, I don't have to explain myself, and we can all just relate to each other in how we are feeling. I also get to meet new people connect with them and stay in touch after camp! The friendships that are made at camp will never be forgotten!

This year was a special year for me. It was my last year as a camper and the man himself, DM, came to visit as well! This was only my second year at camp (I wish I had gone longer), but I'm not done with it yet. I hope to return as a CIT (councilor in training) next year and a real councilor after that!

(Here is a picture of the oldest girls cabin, SEASONS, aka TEAM AWESOME with McNabb!)

During these amazing 6 days, lots of stuff happened! There was the dance which was soooooooooo much fun! Here is another pic of the SEASONS cabin at the dance:

There was the luau/water fight between oldest girl and boy cabins, the light show haha, the trivia game, jeopardy, who wants to be a million air?, capture the flag, GAGA (best game ever created!), beach volleyball, huge football game, the long days when everyday at lunchtime it would feel like dinner then i would get excited that we still had another meal to look forward too!, the site changes were always fun (ecspecially when i got that gusher and then I showed Joe and he said "You're not cool until you've had a gusher!" haha, Team AWESOME, The seasons' crazy councilors-Roberta, Kristin, Court...!, hanging out in the boys cabin!!, THE MENTOR PARTY aka our reward for being nice and talking to the little kids!,THE PRANKS, and soo much more!

There was a FIRST for me at camp this year! That was.....a blood sugar all time low of 36 mg/dl. This was while i was having a catch with the football with my a kid named Jimmy. It was crazy. All of a sudden i was just like...WOW i need a break. cause i was starting to suck and not catch the ball and walk instead of run to the Also while playing football was the first time someone has ever called me steroids..later to be shortened to roids...Basically i was beastin' it up during the game with some interceptions, touchdowns, and kick returns...but it was cool, my guy friends stood up for me and yelled at all the other guys who would call me different names like steroids or even Betsy, which was given to me cause this kid didn't know my

Here is the start of the PRANKS:::!

Since the girls were technically not allowed to go in the boy's cabins....WE decided to steal the boy's clothes off of their drying racks outside of their cabins and wear them to the flagpole the next morning!!! hahaha in front of the whole camp!..We also had a pair of their underwear the we stuck on a branch and marched out in front with!! lol They were pissed and came back at us with revenge in their eyes........That afternoon they decided to destroy our cabin, take ALL of our clothes, and throw them in a canoe in the lake. I thought this was funny but others, not so much..soooo we continued to battle it out and struck again the next night!

This time, considering they broke the rules by actually going into our cabin, we did the same. We snuck into their living area during the luau with string like a web and strung it throughout their whole cabin, had Vaseline on the door and light switches, put shaving cream on their windows and mirrors, placed forks strategically under their bed sheets, took their pillows out of their cases and hid them, and to top it all off we put pads and tampons on the beds and under the top bunks! hahahaha. It was awesome. Unfortunately we had to clean it all up, but it was funny while it lasted AND it got us in the boys cabin with them too! haha

Well considering i didnt get my pictures developed yet..i will have more about what we did at camp thats it for now.


AmyT said...

Hi Jenna,
Wow, I wish I'd made it to camp... what, no s'mores?

:) AmyT

Jenna said...

Hey Amy T.
Do you go to this camp or another camp?...and yes there were deffinately s'mores! haha i had 2:) lol..i guess i forgot to write about that part. yummmy

Laura said...

sounds like an awsome time. I never went to camp and I wish I have had.

Shannon said...

Hi Jenna,

OMG, it sounds like you've had so much fun. The only camp I ever went to was 2 weeks at Girl Scout camp. Did you ever see the movie Meatballs (if you haven't, you should rent it)? I was hoping it would be more like that, but of course it wasn't, LOL.

It was good to see a comment from you on my blog :)